Inside NMI3 22

February 2015: e-newsletter 22

Dear colleagues,

In the second Inside NMI3 e-newsletter of 2015 you can find the following news:

  • Egyptian statuettes of Osiris
  • Fostering collaboration between Industry and Research Infrastructures
  • Dates announced for NMI3 Schools: Oxford, JCNS Lab Course, PSI and CETS
  • BornAgain 1.0.0 released
  • The 2015 Walter Hälg Prize

We hope you enjoy your reading,
The NMI3 coordination team

Scientific Highlights

Egyptian statuettes of Osiris: production unveiled by neutrons and laser

A group of scientists from Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom applied an innovative approach to study Egyptian copper alloy figurines.

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Fostering collaboration between Industry and Research Infrastructures

Representatives of major European Innovation and Technology Campuses met on November 19-21, 2014 in Athens for the second IAB meeting & Networking of Industrial Liaison Offices organised by NMI3 and CALIPSO.

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NMI3 Schools

The 14th Oxford School on Neutron Scattering is accepting applications

Thanks to NMI3, a number of European students can have their expenses covered to attend the school. You can apply until the 1st of May.

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Dates announced for the 19th JCNS Laboratory Course

A realistic insight into the experimental techniques of neutron scattering. Apply by May 25!

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Dates announced for the 2015 PSI summer school

Apply for a NMI3 grant to learn about Spectroscopy with Neutrons, Muons and Photons on the Swiss alps.

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Dates announced for CETS 2015

You can apply for an NMI3 grant to learn about neutron techniques at the Central European Training School in Budapest.

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News from the neutron world

BornAgain 1.0.0 released

BornAgain is a free and open-source software package to simulate and fit small-angle scattering at grazing-incidence.

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The 2015 Walter Hälg Prize – call for nominations

European scientists as individuals or on behalf of a Division, Section or Group may submit nominations for the 2015 Walter Hälg Prize of ENSA.

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New events on the calendar

30 March – 2 April
Interdisciplinary Surface Science

13 – 16 April
COST2015 School London

26 – 29 May
DMI Workshop

15 – 21 August
PSI Summer School

7 – 18 September
JCNS Lab Course

8 – 11 September

6 September – 3 October
X-Ray and Neutron Science Summer School

5 – 8 October
JDN 2015

5 – 9 October

Upcoming events

23 – 24 February
MLZ User Meeting

23 February – 6 March
IFF Spring School

26 February – 6 March
Berlin School on Neutron Scattering

1 March – 1 April
HERCULES European School

2 – 6 March
Full Prof School

Integrated Infrastructure Initiative for Neutron scattering and Muon spectroscopy

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