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December 2013 - e-newsletter 9

Dear colleagues,

One more year has passed, with many success stories in our NMI3 community. In our last 2013 Inside NMI3 e-newsletter you can find news on:

  • NMI3 Management: NMI3 WP leaders meet to discuss the project’s future
  • NMI3 JRA's: Two leaflets on high field muon spectroscopy
  • Education: Videos and articles about the HZG, Fan du LLB and FullProf Schools

We take the opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the best for continued good collaboration in 2014!

The NMI3 coordination team

NMI3 Management

NMI3 Business Meeting

NMI3 WP leaders meet to discuss the project’s future

Presentation of work progress and valuable discussions at the NMI3 Business Meeting.

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NMI3 Joint Research Activities

Muons leaflets

Two leaflets on high field muon spectroscopy

The NMI3's Muons Group has prepared two introductory leaflets on high field muon spectroscopy. To download them please click on the link.

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NMI3 schools


The HZG Autumn School – conversations with participants

Martin Müller told us all about the school’s history, how the programme is planned, how participants are selected, and future plans for the school. You can see our article and video!

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Fan du LLB 2013

The Fan du LLB school – conversations with participants

In our article and video participants and organisers tell us about the Fan du LLB school.

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The 2013 FullProf School – conversations with participants

This annual school is supported by NMI3 and aims to provide scientists with intensive hands-on training focused on the analysis of X-ray and neutron diffraction data using the FullProf Suite. See our video and article!

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New events on the calendar

30 May – 8 June 2014
Structural Basis of Pharmacology

21 – 25 July 2014
Liquid Matter Conference

12 – 16 October 2014
Int. Workshop on SE@NSF

Next events

22 January 2014
ESS-Germany Meeting

23 February – 26 March

24 February – 6 March
ISIS Neutron training course

See all the events on our calendar here.

Integrated Infrastructure Initiative for Neutron scattering and Muon spectroscopy

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