Grand challenges of today´s modern societies

Using neutrons to address today´s issues

grand challenges

Today´s societies are faced with serious challenges in myriad areas. To better address these issues, the European Union has grouped them under the label Grand Challenges of our civilisation.

Although they haven´t yet been rigorously defined, these overarching ‘Grand Challenges’ encompass issues that can be addressed by scientific and technological research.

Essentially, they involve the development of new materials with better, or even completely new, functionalities, which could allow to build new technical devices, or improve process technology.

Out of the wide range of applications of neutron and muon research, we have chosen to focus on the following Grand Challenges: Energy, Health and Life Science, Information Technology, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Environment and Earth Sciences, Heritage Science

Neutrons and muons are also invaluable tools for blue skies research at the forefront of basic science, enabling the advancement of our knowledge of fundamental principles of condensed matter, well before any technological applications.

Further examples of areas of application for neutron research can be found here, and for muon research, here.