Networking Activities

With its networking Activities, NMI3 supports trans-facility collaborations aiming to make using neutrons an easier and more fruitful experience

HZB HZB Arbeitsgruppe Symmetrie für PM (Tennant, Wheeler, Habicht, Kiefer). Picture: Andre Alain Rouviere

Scientists and technicians at HZB

In NMI3-II, the neutron community has chosen to focus on one hand on the improvement of user access processes, in an effort to facilitate both the proposal submission process and the peer-review process.

In NMI3-I, a collaboration named Monte Carlo and Data Analysis chose to focus on the Monte Carlo (MC) simulation software, which has been one of the major successes of EU funded neutron/muon projects through several Framework Programmes, as well as on promoting exchange and collaboration for the development of Data Analysis software.

As a result of the NMI3-I Monte Carlo and Data Analysis collaboration, in NMI3-II, another project will focus on improving software for data analysis, to help users to deal with the ever-increasing amounts of data and speed at which experiments are carried out.