Women in Science

How many women hold senior positions in neutron research in Europe? How many women work with neutrons in Europe and Worldwide?

The 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission strives to promote gender equality in scientific research, by facilitating the participation of women scientists and integrating the gender dimension into research content in all research areas. NMI3, as a project supported by FP7, wants to contribute to this gender initiative.

Below are open-hearted interviews with women working in neutron or muon science and on the page to the left, you will find a list of more women working these fields.

For even more profiles of Women in Neutron Science, visit neutronsources.org

Regine Willumeit

10. May 2012

Irina Stefanescu

Susana Teixeira

Giovanna Simeoni

Joana Rebelo-Kornmeier

Margarita Russina

Konstantina Mergia

Giovanna Fragneto

Giovanna Cicognani

Jane Brown

Herma Buttner

Heloisa Bordallo

Arantxa Arbe

11. March 2014

Gail Iles

20. June 2014

Helen Maynard-Casely - new profile on Women in Science

09. July 2014

Linda Udby

Pascale Deen

07. May 2015

Kirrily Rule