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NMI3´s Education and Training Activities have as a mission to ensure the efficient use of Neutron and Muon facilities by European scientists. To this end, NMI3 is acting on two fronts:

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Until July 2011, NMI3 organised two calls for schools proposals per year. The proposals were then evaluated by a committee of experts (COE) that determined the amount and modalities of the funds granted to each school supported.

As of 2012, NMI3 started a new funding programme for the Neutron and Muon European School (NaMES). The schools funded by this programme provide training to researchers with a variety of training needs and scientific interests. They are distributed over the year, take place annually or every two years, and are organised in several European countries.

For a list of the European Neutron and Muons Schools please click here or use the links to the left side of this webpage. You can also consult our calendar .

Schools' brochure

Schools' Brochure

A brochure presenting the schools that NMI3 supports is available as a pdf file. You can find an explanation about the NMI3's Education initiative as well as a description of each school. To download it please click on the link below.

ENMS brochure 2012

E-learning platform

e-learning wiki problem e-learning wiki problem Example of wiki problem on VNT

A wiki exercise on VNT

NMI3 supports a joint activity of the University of Copenhagen, the Technical University of Munich, and the Institut Laue-Langevin to develop an e-learning platform on neutron scattering. The e-learning platform Virtual Neutrons for Teaching will be developed over the next four years.
Please see the project presentation and our article Learning for free, online for more information.