01. April 2016 - 09. April 2016 Erice School of Neutron Science and Instrumentation

Erice (Italy)


ERICE School “Neutron Science and Instrumentation” 2nd Course

XIV School of Neutron Scattering (SoNS) “Francesco Paolo Ricci”

Designing and Building a Neutron Instrument

Application is now open for “Designing and Building a Neutron Instrument” – the 2nd Course within the Erice School “Neutron Science and Instrumentation” and the XIV School of Neutron Scattering (SoNS) “Francesco Paolo Ricci”. Application deadline: 1 March 2016

The School is normally highly oversubscribed, so we encourage applicants to apply early, as late applications will not be accepted. The 2016 Course focuses on the design and construction of neutron instruments for large-scale facilities. In addition to lectures on theory, sources, and neutron instrumentation, students will be tutored by world leading experts in the various neutron scattering techniques. Students will be organized into groups which will design and “build” a neutron instrument during the week. The course thus includes instrument design, as well as instrument project management activities, at the end of which each student will have an overview of the process of designing and building a neutron instrument. Students are selected for the course based on their need to utilize neutron instrument design and construction project techniques as part of their present and/or future research activities.

The school is aimed at young instrument and development scientists, engineers, and designers at international and national neutron facilities, although graduate students or postdocs at universities with an interest in neutron instrument projects would also be welcomed.


Ettore Majorana Foundation

Contact Name

Dr. Ken Andersen (ESS) and Dr. Kenneth W Herwig (ORNL)