Below are articles retracing the history of NMI3, since its inception in 2003

13. February 2012

NMI3 – 10 years of support for the neutron and muon communities

NMI3 coordination team

By Juliette Savin, Information Manager

The integration of European neutron facilities has a long history. Its hour of birth can be associated with the first Neutron Round Table under the European Union 3rd Framework Programme (FP3) in the early 1990´s. Read More

06. December 2011

Interview with Robert McGreevy

Interview with Robert McGreevy

Robert McGreevy was coordinator of NMI3 during the 6th EU Framework Programme (FP6). He had been a proponent of the integration of European neutron facilities since the beginning of the 90´s. He has recently moved to the USA to become Deputy Associate Laboratory Director for Neutron Sciences at SNS, in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Before joining SNS, Dr McGreevy had been division head at ISIS since 2002. In an open-hearted interview, Dr McGreevy tells Juliette Savin about his experience as an architect of neutron and muon integration in Europe. Read More

03. November 2011

Interview with Kurt Clausen

At ECNS 2011

Kurt Clausen is currently head of the Neutron and Muon Department at PSI. He was chairman of the first Neutron round tables and in this interview with Juliette Savin, he talks about NMI3 and the history of the integration of neutron and muon facilities in Europe. Read More