Second Industry Advisory Board meeting

Research Infrastructure sites: Added value for local, national and international eco-systems?


Click on the picture to read our article about the main outcomes of the IAB meeting. © Alfons Molenbroek

Second IAB meeting & Networking of Industrial Liaison Offices

Location: Athens, Greece
Date: 19-21 November, 2014
Organisers: and CALIPSO



On our article Fostering collaboration between Industry and Research Infrastructures you can find comments on the main outcomes of the meeting, which gathered about 40 representatives of major European Innovation and Technology Campuses.


The aim of the NMI3 Industry events is to reveal how the interaction between facilities and industry can be improved and further developed. NMI3 has joined forces with the synchrotron I3 project, CALIPSO, and created a combined Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) for this purpose. The IAB helps to enhance industrial use of neutron, muon and X-ray facilities.

The first IAB meeting in December 2013 triggered indeed the need for a second IAB meeting in Athens on November 19-21, 2014. This time the IAB meeting will concentrate on the necessary boundary conditions for a successful industrial user relationship. The major European Innovation and Technology Campuses are represented and will give insights on their strength and weaknesses. This event aims at finding concrete ways for industry and the facilities how to work together on issues such as legal frameworks and application of standards.

Main topics of discussion will be the following:

  • Initiatives to tackle “Industry as a user” directly or indirectly via improvements of services
  • Innovation and Technology Campuses: Is there a recipe for successfully working with industry partners?
  • Easing administrative burden and new business models
  • Powder diffraction (i.e. standards, data delivery, sample holders, marketing etc)
  • Residual strain / stress measurements (i.e. standards, data delivery, etc)