R&D: results

Updates on the work developed within this JRA can be found on the article below. Find out about the latest goals, achievements, and challenges!

31.07.2015 – Advanced Methods & Techniques JRA – achievements as of July 2015

Here is a summary of the achievements by the Advanced Methods and Techniques JRA, on the road to new instrumental set-ups for the benefit of neutron users. Read more.

09.07.2015 - New type of radiofrequency spin flippers for Neutron Resonance Spin Echo

RFSF installed in RESEDA. RFSF installed in RESEDA.

The Advanced Methods and Techniques JRA has developed a new type of RFSF to enhance NRSE spectrometers. Read more.

27.04.2015 - How to optimise multi-channel neutron focusing guides for extreme sample environments?

NMI3 collaboration works on simulations to find the best possible guide for experiments at low temperatures and high magnetic fields. Read more.