Detectors - NMI3-II (WP21)

Coordinator: , ISIS


Neutron scattering facilities have, for many years, depended on the availability of 3He for a large fraction of their detector requirements. Within the last 2–3 years demand for 3He, driven largely by the US homeland security requirements, has lead to an unprecedented rise in the cost of 3He and its unavailability for all but the smallest of systems.

For neutron scattering facilities to function effectively it is crucial that alternative, cost effective detector technologies are developed.

This work package will concentrate on the development of two promising detector technologies which could alleviate the dire situation now facing the facilities as a result of the high cost and near unavailability of 3He.

The main objective of this Joint Research Activity is the development of detector technologies to replace 3He detector technology in neutron scattering applications. This work will focus on two tasks; the development of wavelength shifting fiber scintillator detectors and the development of solid 10B gas detectors.

New Detector JRA New Detector JRA

Watch Nigel Rhodes present the new Detectors JRA, at ISIS in January 2012.