R&D: results

Updates on the work developed within this JRA can be found on the articles below. Find out about the latest goals, achievements, and challenges!

10.12/2015 - Detectors JRA - latest achievements

It is time for a summary of the achievements of this JRA, which aims to develop two promising detector technologies to cope with the high cost and near unavailability of 3He. Read more.

08.09.2014 - Good results obtained with a novel technology to produce large-scale neutron converters

NMI3 supports a European collaboration to develop an atmospheric plasma deposition system to produce Boron-10 layers. You can read the article and watch our video here !

28.01.2014 - On the way to more efficient boron-10 detectors

A team in CEA Saclay is working on a new detector that uses boron-10 instead of helium-3. You can read the article here .

01.10.2013 - Exploring alternative technologies for neutron detectors

As part of the NMI3-II Detectors JRA, scientists at the BNC explore alternatives to 3He so that neutron detectors can become more efficient and provide better data. You can read the article here .