R&D: results

Updates on the work developed within this JRA can be found on the articles below. Find out about the latest goals, achievements, and challenges!

12.02.2016 - A new pressure cell for SANS experiments up to 500 MPa

In a new video you can learn of a new pressure cell that makes it easier to conduct SANS experiments at 500 MPa. Read more.

01.02.2016 - New video: Step-by-step to a neutron experiment with bio matter

Watch our new video where scientists explain us the steps taken before conducting a neutron experiment on biological samples. Read more.

28.01.2016 - Big progress in the production of model biological membranes

An NMI3 JRA has made significant progress in the production of biological membranes that can be used for structural and dynamic characterisations. Read more.

25.09.2015 - Advanced Neutron Tools for Soft and Bio Materials JRA - latest achievements

It is time for a summary of the achievements by this JRA, which aims to provide a wider range of experimental tools to make the best use of neutron scattering for soft and bio-materials. Read more.

01.12.204 - Biosensors will benefit from new method to produce membranes

NMI3 collaboration has taken a significant step in the production of biological membranes. To know more please click here .

18.07.2014 - New humidity chamber will shed light on processes behind Alzheimer’s disease

A JRA supported by NMI3 is working on a new humidity chamber. The instrument will be used for neutron scattering experiments to reproduce the human body conditions in order to shed light on biological processes such as the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Check out our video and article here !

25.03.2014 - Improving neutron scattering data quality: a multi-angle light scattering setup

During a neutron scattering experiment the sample might degrade and produce wrong results. In our new video, researchers explain their work on a set up to control the sample quality along time so that false data can be discarded. This work will improve the data quality. You can see the video and read the article here .

26.02.2014 - To broaden research possibilities: a new pressure cell

Henrich Frielinghaus and Marie-Sousai Appavou from the JCNS-MLZ are developing a new pressure cell. This work, which is funded by NMI3, will broaden the research possibilities in several scientific fields. You can read the article here.

08.01.2014 - Update on the advanced neutron tools for soft and bio-materials JRA

Annie Brûlet, the coordinator of this Joint Research Activity, told us about this collaboration’s main goals and achievements here .

11.02.2013 - Interview with Giovanna Fragneto

Giovanna Fragneto, coordinator of this task, has explained Inês Crespo the research work carried out for this JRA. You can read the interview here.