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07. April 2014

Neutrons help visualising materials: new video of the Imaging JRA

HZB Imaging JRA - video teaser

New imaging methods will offer new possibilities to physicists, material scientists, engineers, palaeontologists, archaeologists, and others, so that they can obtain better information on their objects of study. Read more

25. March 2014

Improving neutron scattering data quality: a multi-angle light scattering setup

MALSS - teaser

During a neutron scattering experiment the sample might degrade and produce questionable results. In our new video, researchers explain their work on a set up to control the sample quality along time so that false data can be discarded. This work will improve the data quality. Read more

26. February 2014

To broaden research possibilities: a new pressure cell

Pressure cell - teaser

Henrich Frielinghaus and Marie-Sousai Appavou from the JCNS-MLZ are developing a new pressure cell. This work, which is funded by NMI3, will broaden the research possibilities in several scientific fields. Read more