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01. October 2013

Exploring alternative technologies for neutron detectors

Detectors-II JRA

As part of the NMI3-II Detectors JRA, scientists at the BNC explore alternatives to 3He so that neutron detectors can become more efficient and provide better data. Read more

10. June 2013

Investigating a new material for lithium rechargeable batteries

Schematic representation of the crystal structure

The analysis of data from synchrotron and neutron powder diffraction, combined with IR spectroscopy data sheds light on the electrochemical properties of H2Ti6O13. It revealed itself to be an interesting material for rechargeable lithium batteries. Read more

07. June 2013

Healthy diet? Using neutrons to quantify selenium in cereal crops

Fields - selenium 2

A research project in Portugal aims to assess the levels of Selenium in the country’s cereals and soils. This is an essential micronutrient for human health, protecting, for example, against cardiovascular disease, asthma, male sterility and certain forms of cancer. Read more