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06. May 2013

Assessing exposure to pollution in industrial workplaces

Collection of an EBC sample

In industrial settings, employees may be exposed to high concentrations of metals while working indoors. This situation might cause respiratory symptoms and lung diseases on short- and long-term. Neutrons give insights into the air quality in the workplace. Read more

23. April 2013

Neutrons and X-rays help investigate new materials for gas turbines

CoRe-2 alloy

Since the post-Second World War, gas turbines developed to become more efficient, which led to increased gas temperatures inside the turbines. It is estimated that future gas turbines will function at temperatures about 200⁰C higher than today. The materials currently used cannot withstand such temperatures. Neutrons help investigate new materials that resist to these severe conditions. Read more

14. February 2013

Spins acting like real bar magnets in a new material

Magnetic structures of LiREF4 (courtesy of the authors)

The dipolar force between magnetic moments is present in all magnetic systems. The lithium rare earth (RE) tetrafluorides, LiREF4 are an excellent testing ground for the physics of dipolar-coupled systems because the spins in this material behave like real bar magnets. Read more