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10. May 2012

Muons reveal unconventional magnetism in a cupric-oxide analogue


By Andrej Zorko

Following the breakthrough discovery of high-temperature superconductivity, copper oxides have been the focus of intense research for almost three decades. The link between superconductivity and magnetism coexisting in some of these materials is still unexplained. Read more

08. May 2012

Using muons to determine the role of Hydrogen impurity in oxides


By Rui Vilao

Transistors are key components of computer chips. Our ability to develop transistors of ever-decreasing size underpins the future of computing, if it is to follow Moore´s law for any longer. However, transistor miniaturisation is currently facing fundamental obstacles as these components reach atomic dimensions. Read more

12. January 2012

Nanostructure and Cleaning mechanism for polymer removal from artworks


By Piero Baglioni

In the past, synthetic polymers have been improperly applied as protective coatings to painted surfaces. Instead of preserving the paintings, these substances promoted a series of complex degradation mechanisms, which can ultimately lead to the destruction of the artwork. Read more