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08. September 2014

Good results obtained with a novel technology to produce large-scale neutron converters

Detectors@HZB - news teaser

NMI3 supports a European collaboration to develop an atmospheric plasma deposition system to produce Boron-10 layers. You can watch our video! Read more

02. September 2014

Neutrons shed light on how to make pregnancy tests more sensitive and cheaper

Pregnancy test

Thanks to neutrons, scientists could investigate the interaction between antibody and antigens and the importance of a blocking protein, present in home pregnancy tests. Read more

18. July 2014

New humidity chamber will shed light on processes behind Alzheimer’s disease

New humidity chamber - news teaser

A JRA supported by NMI3 is working on a new humidity chamber. The instrument will be used for neutron scattering experiments to reproduce the human body conditions in order to shed light on biological processes such as the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Check out our video! Read more