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25. September 2015

Advanced Neutron Tools for Soft and Bio Materials JRA - latest achievements

Annie Brûlet at LLB

It is time for a summary of the achievements by this JRA, which aims to provide a wider range of experimental tools to make the best use of neutron scattering for soft and bio-materials. Read more

06. August 2015

Magnets made of non-magnetic metals

Molecular interfaces make copper magnetic.

Muons were essential to show how non-magnetic metals become magnetic. The experiments at PSI received NMI3 funding. Read more

09. July 2015

New type of radiofrequency spin flippers for Neutron Resonance Spin Echo

RFSF installed in RESEDA.

The Advanced Methods and Techniques JRA has developed a new type of RFSF to enhance NRSE spectrometers. Read more