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02. January 2012

In-situ neutron imaging of hydrogen storage systems

Gondek Figure 3

By Łukasz Gondek and Nikolay Kardjilov

Hydrogen offers excellent prospects as potential energy carrier, and a lot of effort is being put into the development of technologies allowing to introduce it into common usage. The production and storing of hydrogen, as well as the recovery of the energy, are currently the object of many researchers´ attention, across the world. Read more

22. December 2011

Alcohols, anesthesia and neutron scattering


By Mária Klacsová, Daniela Uhríková and Pavol Balgavý

1-alcohols (CnOH) with a number of carbon atoms (n) lower than 14 are general anesthetics [1]. Lipid theories of anesthesia suggest that the bilayer of biomembranes is the primary target of anesthetics. Bilayer structural perturbations induced by anesthetics affect membrane protein conformations and result in functional changes in the proteins. In the bilayer, the OH group of CnOH is located at the level of phospholipid polar groups and the CnOH alkyl chain extends into the bilayer´s hydrophobic interior. Read more

01. December 2011

German-Hungarian collaboration in PGAA

Scientific Highlight - Revay& Kudejova

By Zsolt Révay and Petra Kudejova

Prompt Gamma Activation Analysis (PGAA) is a nuclear analytical technique, which is performed at several neutron beam facilities all over the world. It is based on the radiative capture of neutrons, whereby binding energy is released in the form of prompt gamma radiation when an atomic nucleus absorbs a neutron. Read more