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24. August 2011

Inelastic neutron scattering reveals interaction between cobalt ions


By Richard Mole

Small magnets the size of a molecule could be the memory chips of the future. Low dimensional molecular magnets are being studied as potential memory elements for information storage or quantum information processing, or as components for molecular machines. This is due to a phenomenon called single molecule magnetism, that is, the observation of a hysteresis at the molecular level, in the absence of any long range order. Read more

21. June 2011

Vacant crystal sites provide valuable clues on the fast hydrogen transport in Mg-Ti-H films

Figure 1 (Right)

By Stephan Eijt

Over the last decade, there has been growing interest in the development of lightweight metal hydrogen compounds, or hydrides, capable of reversible hydrogen storage at low and medium temperatures, for use in the zero-emission hydrogen cars of the future. Exploiting the high volumetric hydrogen capacity of metal hydrides could help to overcome the technological limitations of high-pressure hydrogen storage tanks, on the road to economi¬cally-viable hydrogen storage systems. Read more

23. March 2011

Neutron tomography helps decipher roman ingots


By Roberto Triolo

Throughout history, the Mediterranean Sea has been an important route for trade and cultural exchange, in particular between emergent peoples from the regions of Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Phoenician, Carthaginian, Greek or Roman culture, just to name a few. Read more