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16. March 2016

New stopped-flow observation head for simpler and cheaper SANS experiments

Stopped-flow news teaser

A team of scientists and technicians designed a more efficient stopped-flow observation head that can make SANS experiments easier and more efficient to conduct. Watch our new video to know all about it! Read more

12. February 2016

New video: A new pressure cell for SANS experiments up to 500 MPa

SBM@ILL - pressure cell - news teaser

In a new video you can learn of a new pressure cell that makes it easier to conduct SANS experiments at 500 MPa. Read more

01. February 2016

New video: Step-by-step to a neutron experiment with bio matter

SBM@ILL - video teaser

Watch our new video where scientists explain us the steps taken before conducting a neutron experiment on biological samples. Read more

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