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06. February 2015

Dates announced for the 19th JCNS Laboratory Course

JCNS Lab course 2013 - teaser

A realistic insight into the experimental techniques of neutron scattering. Apply by May 25! Read more

05. February 2015

BornAgain 1.0.0 released


BornAgain is a free and open-source software package to simulate and fit small-angle scattering at grazing-incidence. Read more

02. February 2015

The 14th Oxford School on Neutron Scattering is accepting applications

Oxford School 2015

Thanks to NMI3, a number of European students can have their expenses covered to attend the school. You can apply until the 1st of May. Read more

21. January 2015

Dates announced for the Italian School "Learning Days"

Giornate Didattiche 2015

This school, supported by NMI3, will provide an Introduction to neutron techniques for condensed matter studies, with applications to Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth sciences. It will be held in June 13 to 22 in Italy and France. Deadline for applications is April 10. Read more

19. January 2015

Call for nominees for the Guinier Prize

André Guinier (1911-2000)

SAS2015 and IUCr call for nominees for the Guinier Prize. The deadline is April 30. Read more