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13. May 2014

What if one could use a single platform to apply for neutron experiments in any European facility?

Int. User Access - teaser

To submit a proposal for neutron scattering experiments can be a long procedure. Thanks to NMI3 support, a group is working on an Integrated User Access to make this procedure easier to both users and facilities. Read more

30. April 2014

Postdoc Position at the Laboratoire Léon‐Brillouin


With NMI3 support through the Advanced Neutron Tools for Soft and Bio Materials JRA. Read more

11. April 2014

European press officers meet at MLZ to continue a fruitful collaboration

PR meeting at MLZ, 2014

European Neutron and Muon press officers and PRs have met on April at MLZ. European neutron and muon science may benefit from this collaboration, as together we can reach out to a broader public. Read more

10. April 2014

The 2014 Fan du LLB School - dates announced

Fan du LLB 2013

The dates of the 2014 Fan du LLB school have just been announced. It will take place between December 8 and 11. This school is part of the Neutron and Muon European Schools (NaMES). Read more

03. April 2014

PSI-SINQ: call for proposals II/13


Call for proposals for experiments at the Paul Scherrer Institute. NMI3 support is available to cover researchers’ expenses within Europe. The deadline for submission is May 15. Read more