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21. July 2014

Nature Milestones in Crystallography

Nature Milestones Crystallography - teaser

Right on time for the International Year of Crystallography, Nature Milestones special issue on crystallography is now out. Read more

14. July 2014

The 2014 ISIS Muon Spectroscopy Training School – conversation with participants

ISIS Muon spectroscopy training school 2014 - news teaser

Thanks to NMI3 more than 20 students learned about muon spectroscopy. Check out our article and video! Read more

07. July 2014

Registration for the NMI3 General Assembly 2014

NMI3 logo - jpg

The registration for the NMI3 General Assembly in Zaragoza, Spain, on 24-25 September is now open. Read more

23. June 2014

An exciting new web portal for the muon community


Muonsources.org is now live. Read more

23. June 2014

2014 Yamazaki Prize to Professor Roberto De Renzi

2014 Yamazaki Prize to Professor Roberto De Renzi - teaser

The winner of the 2014 Yamazaki Prize for muon science is
Professor Roberto De Renzi. Read more