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04. December 2015

New video: NMI3 - The benefits of European Collaboration

Video: NMI3-II - The benefits of European Collaboration

Learn about the benefits of this collaboration between the major neutron and muon facilities in Europe as well as the feedback of the European Commission, by the NMI3 Manager and Coordinator, scientists, and school organisers. Read more

02. December 2015

Call for proposals for funding of neutron and muon introductory schools

2014 JCNS school

The deadline for applying for funding for Neutron or Muon Introductory Schools is January 24. The schools will be supported by the SINE2020 project. Read more

27. November 2015

New video: Mark Johnson on the impact of NMI3

Mark - NMI3 video

Given that NMI3-II will finish soon it was time to take stock of the work developed over the last four years. Read more

18. November 2015

Job: Deuteration Chemist to ESS

ESS site aerial view

This position is funded by the SINE2020 Deuteration RA. The deadline for applications is December 6. Read more

02. November 2015

Vacancy for SINE2020 Postdoc in Biophysics

SINE2020 - newsletter teaser

This position will be funded by the project SINE2020 through the WP on Macromolecular Crystallogenesis. Read more