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10. May 2012

Neutron imaging – past, present and future

Stroboscopic Imaging 1

By Juliette Savin, Information Manager

Neutron imaging was first used successfully in 1935, shortly after the discovery of the neutron by James Chadwick. Since then it has developed and diversified in such a way that it is now used in research for a wide range of applications. Today, neutron imaging is at a pivotal point in its history. With the emergence of digital cameras and the rapid development of digital detectors with better spatial and temporal resolution, neutron imaging has developed into a valuable, reliable technique whose importance for materials research is finally being recognised. Read more

02. May 2012

Oxford researcher scoops top neutron prize for ISIS research

Willis prize winner 2012

Dr Sylvia McLain of the University of Oxford has been awarded the prestigious B.T.M. Willis Prize for Neutron Scattering in recognition of her studies of a wide range of biological molecules and their interactions at the atomic and molecular level in the presence of water. Read more

02. May 2012

Call for nominations for the Wolfram-Prandl Prize


The German Committee for Research with Neutrons (KFN) is accepting nominations for the Wolfram-Prandl Prize for young scientists. Read more

02. May 2012

More than 300 scientists gathered in Berlin to define future ESS science

ESS S&S meeting

The conference “Science & Scientists at ESS”, held on 19-20 April in Berlin, Germany, was the largest in a series of conferences, meetings and workshops with the aim of asking European scientists what science they want to do at the future ESS. Read more

27. April 2012

Neutron science animations on the ILL website


The ILL website features educative science and instrument animations, to help non-specialists understand neutrons. Read more